Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So who here thought that we would actually buy RED couches. Myself, never thought that it would happen. Yet here we are with RED couches. Have I told you that they are RED. I personally think that they are freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Mostly because well....they are RED. I will have to give props to Christina for picking the color. They really add alot of flava flav to our house and I couldn't be happier with them. Good Choice Sweetheart. I've offically declaired the arm chair mine. Mostly because I love the fact that its so freaking HUGE. Its nice to finally feel as though we are build our little apartment into a home. I really thought for awhile there that our luv sack was going to be our only furniture. Thank goodness for Labor Day sales. I hope that everyone is doing well please feel free to leave comments on our posts.

Well here is our new Dinnering room table. Its nice to know that we can now have company over and not have them eating off of our floor. Not that they were before because well...we've only had two people into our apartment since we've been here. Not including the UPS driver and the delivery people. I know, I know why was the UPS driver in our home? Well it gets lonely here sometimes OK, sometimes my computer starts to talk back to me....IT NOT A GOOD THING.