Sunday, July 17, 2005

These are some of the troubled gators that they pulled out of fresh lakes here in florida. The one on the top left was eating family pets down in Tampa. So the finally caught up with him and sentenced him to a life behind bars at Gator Land. The one on the right top killed a couple of people so they sentenced him to death and stuffed him for display. I beleive that he was about 20ft long and was not a pretty sight to see. Exspecially if you were the person seeing the inside of his belly. The little guys on the bottom left are just newly hatched gators. They are only about two feet long but still have the power to take fingers and such off of someone. I personally didn't try. As you can tell because I've been typing this post. I wonder how long it would take if I had lost all of my fingers to the Gators and I had to use my tounge.....Hmmmmm.


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