Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bear Lake Baby!!!

Well, here we are in Logan canyon about an hour below Bear lake. We stopped off to have some lunch and found this awesome freaking rope swing. I think that Isaac was the best at it. I could've sworn I saw him do a back flip off of it. It was alot of fun. Though the water was so incredibly cold I really didn't know what to do with myself once I got out. It was envigorating! We had a lot of fun on this camp out. I was able to throw hatchets with Josh and Isaac. And for the first time I think that I felt a comfortable holding a baby while she fell asleep in my arms. Maybe it was nature or something like that. This weekend was the last real weekend before fall and winter hits. The next weekend, after we got home it snowed up in the higher elevations. I am extremely greatful that I was able to go camping in the warmth one last time. Well, actually, it did rain both nights we were there. Christina thought that she was going to freeze to death in my -30 degree sleeping bag, ya right. I really enjoyed camping with the Thorell's I'm glad that I was able to spend time with Cheryl and Chad. Even working on the car was entertaining, well all but the part when I had to pick it up with my bare hands and hold it while Chad welded on the muffler with his lazer eyes. I'll tell you what People at that Chevron were staring. And I mean STARING! It's not like they've never seen super strength or lazer eyes before, gosh. Any ways, we really had alot of fun. I look forward to the winter boarding pics I'll be putting up and the winter camping. Take Care, Ya'll.

Well here we are at Bear Lake. It's pretty weird because the lake is extremely full so there really isn't a beach this year. We only had about a good 25 yrds of beach to play on where as normally its at least 100-150 yrds to play on, oh well.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is a great picture of Christina and Lindsey. I think that we waited in this line for an 1 & 1/2 hours. That is just way to long to hear some guy that never graduated from highschool take us on a 12 min boat ride. His jokes really sucked. I mean they were really bad.

Yeah! For Ben and Riley. Oh and Disney is pretty cool too.

Christina was so affraid of the HollyWood Tower of Terror that she had to hide behind me even in line. Just kidding. I would have to say that this was one of our favorite rides because you have a moment of where gravity has no effect upon you. I forget what the scientific term of it is. If you really want to know what the scientific term for weightlessness with gravity call me I'll hooks you up with it.

This is where Christina was really really really really really really really really really mad at me because she got lost at Disney and thought that I tried to lose her on purpose. If thats the case we aren't going to have kids long because I'll be losing them left and right.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My mom always wanted a bunch of potatoes so I figured that this will do.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

This is me infront of the Universal globe. I'm doing my sexy pose and Christina was a little embaressed I think because originally it looked like I was taking off my clothes. Just kidding. I would never do that, or would I. We had a picture of Christina too but she didn't want me to post it. I think because she is way hotter than I am and didn't want me to feel bad or something like that. I don't remember.

This is the shark that I caught a picture of. I told my nephews that I caught it so if any one tells them differently I will have to put you in the belly of this beast. Just kidding.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So who here thought that we would actually buy RED couches. Myself, never thought that it would happen. Yet here we are with RED couches. Have I told you that they are RED. I personally think that they are freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Mostly because well....they are RED. I will have to give props to Christina for picking the color. They really add alot of flava flav to our house and I couldn't be happier with them. Good Choice Sweetheart. I've offically declaired the arm chair mine. Mostly because I love the fact that its so freaking HUGE. Its nice to finally feel as though we are build our little apartment into a home. I really thought for awhile there that our luv sack was going to be our only furniture. Thank goodness for Labor Day sales. I hope that everyone is doing well please feel free to leave comments on our posts.

Well here is our new Dinnering room table. Its nice to know that we can now have company over and not have them eating off of our floor. Not that they were before because well...we've only had two people into our apartment since we've been here. Not including the UPS driver and the delivery people. I know, I know why was the UPS driver in our home? Well it gets lonely here sometimes OK, sometimes my computer starts to talk back to me....IT NOT A GOOD THING.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Here is an old picture of my car. Jon wanted to see it so I figured that I would post it for him.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Our Trip To Gator Land

As well all know from Miami Vic there are Flamingos here in Florida. This is an incredibly beautiful picture of them with the gorgous Christina Sachs. there were more flamingos there but they were all jealous of her beauty and refused to be in the picture with her because she was steeling the show. I guess that flamingos are just stuborn like that. Who would've thought.

These are some of the troubled gators that they pulled out of fresh lakes here in florida. The one on the top left was eating family pets down in Tampa. So the finally caught up with him and sentenced him to a life behind bars at Gator Land. The one on the right top killed a couple of people so they sentenced him to death and stuffed him for display. I beleive that he was about 20ft long and was not a pretty sight to see. Exspecially if you were the person seeing the inside of his belly. The little guys on the bottom left are just newly hatched gators. They are only about two feet long but still have the power to take fingers and such off of someone. I personally didn't try. As you can tell because I've been typing this post. I wonder how long it would take if I had lost all of my fingers to the Gators and I had to use my tounge.....Hmmmmm.

Unfortunately there are some deaths in dangerous parks like this one. They guy was trying to cross the bridge with it colapsed on him and the two gators below definitly made sure that he didn't live long. It was a sad sad sight.

Christina had a lot of fun feeding the giant turtles. The larger ones weighed up to 550 lbs. that is just enourmous. They really love fruit exspecially apples and their skin feels like a rough leather. They were incredible. Can you imagine swimming into one of these huge beasts. The little one was found out on the freeway after one of the hurricanes last year. They initially thought that the larger turtles would have problems with it. But they all seem to be growing as one large family.

This was one of the coolest things that I have ever done. I was able to hand feed the Gators. They have this huge bucket of meat and you pick a piece out then walk over to the Gators and feed them. You can only get so close other wise they will eat you instead. The trainer let me get so close that I'm suprised the Gator didn't go after me instead. The top right picture is when the Gator started after me and the trainer had to fend him off with a stick. I don't know what it is about sticks but Gators sure are affraid of them.

We really had to be careful at one point we were caught by one of the great Gators and some how Christina and I were able to get out of there alive.

The birds were alot of fun. they let us feed them and I can't believe how freindly they were. One used Christina's head as a landing pad. It was great. If you look at my shoe you can see one that was trying to get away with my shoe laces. While you were feeding the birds they would lick you with their tounges which tickled really bad. Even worse was when they would try to eat your ear then scream in it. This was one of my favorite parts about Gator Land. We thought that we were only going to see Gators. Oh how we were wrong.

I didn't think that I was going to leave with my head attached. This gator chased me down and I almost lost my head trying to get away from him.

Well here we are at Gator Land. I would have to say that it was one of the best adventures that we have been able to experience since we've been out here. I am going to post each picture and give you details on each one. I hope you enjoy them.